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Travel Asia Adventure Professional experience with responsible traveling. Travel Asia Adventure conducts variety of experience in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, China and Central Asian countries. Cultural tour, Trekking, Expedition, Hiking, Study trips, Research works, family tour and many more according to your demands and wishes. Join us and explore your Destination.  


Being the leader in touring travel and vacation packages might be enough for some companies, but we don't stop there. With more than 14 years of experience designing itineraries and exclusive excursions, we know what it takes to create an enlightening and memorable vacation. And it's also the difference between showing off the world's most spectacular destinations, sight and taking responsibility to preserve the attractions that our travelers go to great lengths to experience.


About US:


Back 1998 when Saeed completed his university Degree join the Travel and tourism Industry .Start work in Pakistan for cultural and adventure tourism. He starts his idea to explore the Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and china. However he finds the extra amazing and wonderful tourist attraction and acceptance from the local population which is the key stakeholder for the industry. In 2009 he got the great chance to study about the Travel and Tourism industry in Hawaii United State of America .After 12 years of practical experience in the Travel industry and joining the university was really great experience and meaningful knowledge, which direct his all practical and educational efforts for sustainable tourism in the region.


Travel Asia Adventure Strategic Goal


To optimize benefits for rich local Cultural and tradition that integrates the interests of visitors, the community and the visitor industry.


To reach this goal, we must continue to drive demand to local communities in the region to deliver on the regional brand promise and experience; and, continue to respect our Native culture and preserve values and its people.



Travel Asia Adventure Working for Sustainable tourism in the region especially very close link with the local community which is the main stake holder in the industry.


Honor the local people and heritage value.


Support a vital and sustainable economy; and


Provide a unique, memorable and enriching visitor experience.


Explore the New Destination and benefit the community.




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