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Community Based Tourism

Price $12000
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Community Based Tourism

$12000 per person

Community-based tourism has, for over three decades, been promoted as a means of development whereby the social, environmental and economic needs of local communities are met through the offering of a tourism product. Community abased tourism that takes environmental, social and cultural sustainability into account. It is managed and owned by the community, for the community, with the purpose of enabling visitors to increase their awareness and learn about the community and local ways of life.

Community-based tourism (CBT) has been working from last three decades, it has promoted social, cultural, and economic development through providing several tourism products. CBT is managed and owned by the local community. The community has a unique life style culture, language and food. God has gifted it with different demographic land scape and equipped with thousands of herbs and specious. The core objective of this project is to preserve local heritage, culture, foods and livelihood. In order to meet the contemporary world local community has offered different types of tourism products.  

Provides tourism activities and experiences in the local community and opportunities stay in local traditional houses for the sale of local food products. Work with local stakeholders – local government, CBT tourism committee, local tour businesses, youth group, tourism authorities, responsible travel websites and local and international tour operators. Also, work with conservation and NGO stakeholders. Uses local produce, products and services – vegetables, fruit and nuts for home-stay food; locally handmade weaving from local handicraft groups, building materials locally sourced from sustainable sources; villagers provide the entertainment; cultural exchange workshops. 


Benefits going to individuals or households in the community • collective benefits – creation of assets which are used by the community as a whole, roads, schools, clinics etc. Community benefits where there is a distribution of benefit to all households in the community. conservation initiatives with community and collective benefits. joint ventures with community and/or collective benefits, including an anticipated transfer of management. community owned and managed enterprises. private sector enterprises with community benefits. product networks developed for marketing tourism in a local area. community enterprise within a broader co-operative. private sector development within a community owned reserve

We start our first Community based tourism services from a village Ghulkin Hunza Valley Pakistan, where the local community are working for eco- tourism village model. Ghulkin Village is located in Upper Hunza Valley 3 km mater from the main Karakorum High Way, the village is also knowing a summer and winter sport and local foods destination. The most important for visitors, there is various trekking routs to the Ghulkin Glacier, Borith Lake, Passu Glacier, View point of gojal valley and cross trek to Gulmit. In the evening boys and girls playing different kinds of games and evening walk around village and the view point of Gojal Valley. The community major saucers of income are agricultural and small level Livestock, Government, and private jobs and small business. Highly educated local community with rich cultural and tradition are brand ambassador to amazing destination. 


You will stay in a local traditional central Asian wakhi house in the villages with basic facilities’ like hot water, Inter net, with clean tradition house with special art work. Normally in this traditional house more than 12 persons can sleep, but we are offer a quality services with 6 to 8 person. 

Local Foods 

Local community have their own kitchen garden and agricultural products like vegetables, fresh fruits and livestock’s, all these products they are using from the village. 

Local Music

Traditionally local community are using old instruments like rababs, sitars, flutes, Duriya  and Ghajeks .

Cultural Festivals and Events,

There are some cultural events in summer, autumn, winter and blossom and also some religious evets. Where you can join the local community. 

Explore Village Life 

Local community life is full of joys and healthy activities, visitors can experience their daily life with agri activities, Livestock’s.

 Tourist destination and products

Visitors can explore surrounding natural wonders of villages. with 7to 8 km area 3 glaciers, two lakes, 7 villages and view of valleys, short and long trekking, 4 peaks above 700m and more 10 peeks above 6000m. 

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