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Shimshal Pamir Kuch

Price 11 Days 10 Nights
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Shimshal Pamir Kuch

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Shimshal  is a village located in Gojal Tehsil of Hunza District, in the Gilgit–Baltistan region of Pakistan formerly known as Northern Areas of Pakistan. It lies at an altitude of 3,100 m above sea level and is the highest settlement in the district. It is in the valley of the Shimshal River, a tributary of the Hunza River. Shimshal is a border village that connects the Gilgit-Baltistan area of Pakistan with China. The total area of Shimshal is approximately 3,800 km2 and there are around two thousand inhabitants with a total of 240 households.

The village was inaccessible by motor road until October 2003, when a new road from the Karakoram Highway at Passu was constructed. The construction of non-metallic Jeep-able road started in 1985 and completed in 2003.The village of Shimshal was founded almostly 1450 years ago by Mamu Shing, he was a person from hunza and a member of the Wazir’s family, means he belonged to the prime-minister’s family  He was sent to Sarikol with his wife Khodija who was also a wakhi person

Shimshal Pass (4,735 m) rises above the village. It lies on the watershed between the Indus River and Tarim River basins, and leads to the valley of the Shimshal Braldu River, a tributary of the Shaksgam River on the border with China. Francis Younghusband was probably the first Englishman to reach the pass (1889). At the time it was used by raiders from Hunza to attack caravans traveling between Leh and Yarkand. There was a fort manned by Hunza soldiers, or raiders, or both. The pass is not part of Khunjerab National Park, but the Shimshal community has set an organization called SNT (Shimshal Nature Trust) which oversees the entire region and takes care of its own land. It is a community-based organization and is registered with the Government of Pakistan.

Annually, in the last week of July or the first week of August, there is a festival at Shimshal Pass, where locals partake in a yak race, followed by singing and dancing. In Wakhi language it is called Woolyo. This yak race is the only one of its kind, and is a unique event organised at high mountain settlements of Pakistan .

Shimshal valley has its largest adventure area in Hunza and is a major attraction for tourists. Its mountains like Distaghil Sar (7,885 m), Shimshal White Horn (6,303 m) Minglik Sar (6,150 m), Lupghar Sar (7,200 m), Yazghail Sar (6,000 m), Kunjut Sar and others are well known among mountaineers. Gigantic glaciers include Malangudhi, Yazghail, Khurdopin (5,800 m), Braldu, Odver, Ver Zharav, and main passes are Chafchingoal, Khurdopin, Mai Dur, Braldu, Boi Sam

Shimshal (3100M) is the remotest area of the Hunza Valley, bordering with China in Gojal and access is by link jeep able road to Karakorum Highway at Passu Village. The people of Shimshal are Wakhi and speak Wakhi language, their culture and tradition is unique. Due to being remotest and difficult accessibility, much of their tradition and culture have been remained intact. In ancient time these people were passing very simple life dictated by the seasons and nature around them.


Every year in the month of May, the people of Shimshal use to take their livestock to high pastures of the Pamir for grazing from month of May to October. During these five months they take care of their yak, sheep and goats, collect the butter, cheese, and yeast for their families for the harsh winter season. The most of their income comes from the sale of yak, which is very expensive also sell the goats now in the market of central Hunza. They sell butter, dry cheese, wool and from the hair of yak make the local carpet. They have very vast pastures and providing grazing for thousands of sheep and goats and these pastures lie in the high altitudes where life is very simple in the nature and hard.


Normally livestock is cared by the women, the women and children are going to these pastures with yak, sheep and goats, this makes the high pastures a lively and colorful to visit. They are going to the pastures all to-gather with families and live for five months with animals. And in October they come down to-gather, on these occasions while going up to the pastures in the month of May and coming down in October make festivals called “KUCH” that means travel. In the month of May around 10 to 15 going up to pastures make the festival and while coming down in October around 10-15 October and make the festival “KUCH”.



11 Days 10 Nights
16+ Age
  • Departure
    Please arrive by 9:15 AM for a prompt departure at 9:30 AM.
  • Departure Time
    Approximately 8:30 PM.
  • Dress Code
    Casual. Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking shoes, hat and warm jacket.
  • Included
    All Museum Tickets
  • Not Included
    Altitude: Min :
    Best Time:
    Personal Guide
    Typical Souvenir
Day 1st
Arrival to Islamabad airport, sightseeing/hotel  
Day 2nd
Fly to Gilgit or drive on Karakorum Highway to Chilas 12-14 hrs/hotel
Day 3rd
Drive to Karimabad Hunza, overnight at hotel
Day 4th
Day free at Karimabad for local visits/ hotel
Day 5th
Hike up to Ultar or walk around/hotel
Day 6th
Continue to Shimshal/ local house
Day 7th
Day free at Shimshal depending over the start of kuch from
Day 8th
Trek to Wuch Furzeen (3365m) 7-8 hours and 15.1km distance with 685 ascents, 320 descents / camp and overnight at the tent
Day 9th
Trek to Shuizherav (4350m) 6-7 hours 18
Day 10th
Trek to Shimshal Pass 3-4 hour’s 8 km (4735m), 385 ascents
Day 11th
Day free for local exploration
Day 12th
Day free
Day 13th
Trek back to Purien – e- Ben 6-7 hrs, camp and overnight at ten
Day 14th
Trek to Shimshal Village 7-8 hours/local house
Day 15th
Continue to Karimabad /hotel
Day 16th
Drive to Gilgit 2hrs then fly to Islamabad or drive to Besham or Naran/hotel
Day 17th
Day free at Islamabad or continue from Besham or Naran to Islamabad/hotel
Day 18th
Departure from Islamabad (drop to the airport)
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