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Trekking in Pakistan

Pakistan is a beautiful country and home of some of the best hiking in the world. Towering mountains, lush valleys, dramatic rivers and lakes… There’s more to Pakistan than travel warnings and what you see on the news. You guys know by now that I am super passionate about opening up Pakistan to the backpacker community. The Himalayas in the north, where the most beautiful hikes in Pakistan are to be found, make the scenery incredibly dramatic, and increasing awareness of foreign tourists means it’s easier than ever to get lost, but not literally, in the true wonder of Pakistan.

Barah Broq

Difficulty: Medium Duration: 2-3 days Region: Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan If you’re looking to do a multi-day trek in Pakistan but don’t want to spend days on a glacier, the hike to Barah Broq may be the perfect one for you. Barah Broq is a […]

Broghil Valley to Karambar Lake

Difficulty: Medium/Hard Duration: 2-3 days Region: Upper Chitral & Gilgit Baltistan If you’re a lover of truly off-the-beaten-path travel, then there isn’t a single trek in Pakistan that I could recommend more than the hike from Broghil Valley to Karambar Lake. Broghil is one […]

Chitta Katha Lake

Difficulty: Medium-Hard Duration: 2-3 days Region: Azad Kashmir Pakistan has a knack for offering up amazing pockets of lakeside paradise, mirror surfaces ringed with green nestled within jagged, snow-capped mountains. Chitta Katha is one of those lakes… It’s in the Shounter Valley, in […]

Dunga Gali-Ayubia Track

Difficulty: Easy Duration: 2-4 hours Region: KPK This one is better known as the ‘Pipeline Track’ since it follows the route of an important water pipeline that used to service the historic hill station of Murree. That’s convenient because it now offers an […]

Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat Base Camp

Difficulty: Medium Duration: 2 days Region: Diamer, Gilgit Baltistan It’s a truly amazing place. It’s not just the name that’s mythical, the place itself is magical. I’ve been to The Fairy Meadows in February (very challenging as there was waist-deep snow in places) […]

Haramosh La

Difficulty: Hard Duration: 7-10 days Region: Gilgit Baltistan The Haramosh La trek is easily one of the most underrated treks in Pakistan. The pass connects two glaciers and can be accessed from either Haramosh or Arandu Valleys, though it’s easier to go from […]

K2 Expedition via Baltoro Glacier – The Highest Mountain in Pakistan

Difficulty: Hard Duration: 10 days Region: Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan It’s the granddaddy of all mountains in Pakistan; the singular reason why many people decide to travel to the country in the first place. At 8611 meters, K2 is the second-highest mountain in the […]

Margalla Hills

Difficulty: Easy (unless you go in summer) Duration: 2-6 hours Region: Islamabad It’s handy that there’s actually an extension of the Himalayas right on the doorstep of Islamabad. Chances are you will start your Pakistan backpacking adventure in either Lahore or Islamabad, so […]
Pakistan has a burgeoning tourism industry, due to the smorgasbord of cultures
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